Hmong People in the Ozarks

A film by Judy Luna and Steve Sevic

A film about the Hmong people of the Ozarks, and why they moved there.

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Judy Luna

Producer/Writer/Director/Researcher/2nd Camera

Steve Sevic

Director of Photography/Editor/Graphics

My Xay Ly


Ko Yang

Music Consultant

Additional Music:
Hmong Chanting Artist at New Year Event
Bluegrass Bands

Production Assistant—Katie Redmond

Special Thanks (in alphabetical order) :

Ber and Kher Thao
Lao Xiong
Lormong Lo
Randall Thao
Tou Lee
Vector Xiong
Xong Lor

Archival Footage and Photos:
John Willheim
Ken Levine
National Archives of the US
Vietnam Center, Texas Tech University
U.S. Department of Defense

Additional images—Kathleen Laughlin

Additional interviews:
Peggy Maringer
Phil Bolinger

Paj Ntau (story cloth):
Rorger Yang Nou Yia, June 1997

Filmed under the auspices of the Lemke Department of Journalism of the University of Arkansas. Thank you, Professors Larry Foley and Carmen Coustaut, for your sage advice.